Regular Hours
Monday 10-8
Tuesday 10-6
Wednesday 10-6
Thursday 10-8
Friday 10-6
Saturday 10-3
Sunday Closed


We are able to fix all bikes from new to old and any make or model. Bring in your bike and we will talk about what it will take to have you out enjoying your bike again.

We also give free estimates if you are wanting to figure out what your bike needs to have fixed so you can be riding it again.

Standard tune up

1. True Wheels
2. Adjust Wheel Bearings
3. Inspect all Cables
4. Lube all Cables
5. Adjust Headset
6. Adjust Crank/Bottom Bracket
7. Adjust Brakes
8. Recondition Brake Shoes
9. Adjust and Clean Front Derailleur
10. Adjust and Clear Rear Derailleur
11. Check Derailleur Tab Allignment
12. Clean and Lube Chain
13. Clean Drive Train
14. Clean Frame and Fork
15. Check & Tighten All Other Components
16. Inspect and Inflate Tires